A non-political community environmental group based in Wandsworth, South West London since 1971.
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Caring about Wandsworth's buildings, open spaces, rivers and transport

Stop Press!

The Wandsworth Society and other local bodies have sent a report to No.10 about the failure of Wandsworth Council’s planning procedures and David Cameron’s ‘localism’ policies. See Current concerns page.The Council’s initial response accused us of ‘nimbyism’. See article in Wandsworth Guardian.

Strachan McDonald, the UKIP representative, fell suddenly ill at our Local Election Forum on 10 April (see article in Wandsworth Guardian): we have sent him best wishes for a full recovery. We were grateful to Richard Shuttleworth for stepping into the breach and contributing, with Lois Davis (Green), Ravi Govindia (Conservative), Jon Irwin (Liberal Democrat) and Rex Osborn (Labour), to a lively debate with a large audience.

The Wandsworth “gyratory” that routes heavy traffic through Wandsworth High Street is to be “ripped out and replaced with two-way roads, segregated cycle tracks and new traffic-free public space”. See here.

In the Evening Standard Simon Jenkins has argued that “Taking action now over our skyline is too little too late”.

As well as updating our current website, we are working on a new one – watch this space!

Our aims

In an area of London that is changing rapidly, the Wandsworth Society aims to:

  • safeguard the character, quality and integrity of the built environment, open spaces and rivers (Wandle and Thames), in and around Wandsworth Town and Common;
  • raise community awareness of the need for conservation and sensitive local development policies;
  • contribute to local debate on environment and transport matters;
  • influence decision-making on planning proposals, particularly to curb excessive or inappropriate development, but also to support new developments that are welcome;
  • campaign for improved traffic management and public transport across the area; and
  • improve the quality and enjoyment of life in Wandsworth for all its residents.

We aim to make a difference for the better, as the Wandsworth environment continues to change.

We support

   - through membership, affiliation or participation, the work and aims of -

The Civic Trust, www.civictrust.org.uk

The London Forum of Civic and Amenity Societies, www.londonforum.org.uk

The Wandsworth Common Management Advisory Committee

The Wandsworth Cycling Campaign, www.wandsworthcyclists.org.uk

The Wandle Valley Forum www.wandlevalleypark.co.uk

The West London Rivers Group, www.wlrg.org.uk


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